Dodge Ram Cummins (98-02) ECU Repair

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Product Code : RAMF9XEG8
Full service ECU mail in repair for your Dodge Ram trucks (1998-2002) with Cummins Diesel engines. You must remove … + More

Customer Reviews
Dodge Cummins ECM fixed
I’ve had an issue with my 98.5 3500 ecm , as I was doing my research ???? found these guys through YouTube decided to give it a shot and it works great lift pump kicks as it should WTS works properly and abs light gone, affordable price, fast service , everything as described
Fantastic Service and Support
The WTS light was very slow to come on and would take 15-30 seconds to disappear. After discussing with a mobile mechanic neighbor he mentioned that it sounded like the ECM was acting up. After searching around, I found Keyworks on a youtube video session on how they tested an ECM similar to mine and sent it in. A few days later it returned and worked like it should but the WTS light would sometimes not even come on. Worried, I contacted Keyworks and they had me send it back in. Their testing didn't show anything out of the ordinary but after adjusting programming (perhaps) I received it and as of today, my truck is running nearly as good as new. I cannot say enough good things about Keyworks and their work. My mobile mechanic sent his ECM in and they resolved his as well. We're sold on spreading the word.

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